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Aquaculture Business Development Specialist (1 Position: Lusaka, Zambia)


The Government of the Republic of Zambia, through the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock with support trom The African Development Bank is implementing the Zambia Aquaculture Enterprise Development Project whose objective is to contribute to economic growth as well as provide food and nutrition security in Zambia. The Project development objective is to advance the aquaculture sub-sector as a viable and inclusive business opportunity, through enhanced production and productivity, in order to improve the livelihoods of beneficiaries along the aquaculture value chain.

This objective will be achieved through: a) support and promotion of reliable access to quality input and output markets: b) Competitively priced risk sharing access to finance and c) creation of an enabling infrastructure environment, which in turn is expected to facilitate the entry of new actors and expansion of business opportunities by the existing players in the industry. Specifically targeted fish farmers will improve their business and managerial skills and the quality of their productive systems in order to increase output, efficiently, while keeping fish prices affordable and meeting growing demand from the lucrative domestic market.

The Deportment of Fisheries is the Implementing Agency for the Project while CEEC is an Implementing Partner under Component 1 of the Project: Support to Aquaculture Enterprise, responsible for managing the Seed Fund of the Project to support the development of the Aquaculture Value Chain through the provision of business loans and business development services to target beneficiaries along the Aquaculture Value Chain.

Accoraingly, and in line with its mandate under CEE Act No.9 of 2006 CEEC will provide business loans and technical assistance to MSMEs all stages of the Aquaculture Value Chain to make it possible for all segments (production, transportation, storage and handling, processing, marketing etc.) to receive the business support necessary to lift the entire value chain in target districts.

The deliverables or CEEC will include:

  1. Stakeholder sensitization and mobilization
  2. Production and administration of a Seed Fund Manual
  3. Disbursement and management ot business loans to Aquaculture Value Chain Players
  4. Provision of Business Development Services to the target MSMEs
  5. General Seed Fund coordination and management


Job Purpose

The Aquaculture Business Developrnent Specialist (ABDS) will lead the Project Team at CEEC and ensure timely accomplishment of the project component deliverables by facilitating and following up calls for proposals, stakeholder sensitization, selection of proposals, business plan development and implementation support to beneficiaries, project monitorinng, disbursement, tracking and recovery of business loans, as well as effective project component administration including preparing reports to the Project Implementation Unit (PIU).


  • Facilitate operaional effectiveness: assume responsibility follow up, successful management, and execution of Project component activities.
  • While ensuring compliance with the Seed Fund Manual, collaborate with the CEEC Directorate of Credit Control Risk Management which will manage the component credit risk, facilitate Board approvals of business loans, disberse credit funds, and undertake loan recoveries and other credit management.
  • While ensuring compliance with the Seed Fund Manual, work in liaison with the CEEC Business Development and technical partners in providing and facilitating the provision of Business Developrnent Services to client MSMEs.
  • Activities will cover stakeholder sensitization, calls for proposals, screening and recommendation of applications through the District Evaluation Committees, business plan development and implementation support, client mentoring and acceleration services, market linkages, project monitoring etc.
  • Collaborate and coordinate closely with stakeholders and partners on a regular basis to ensure project success. Project work plans and progress reports will be developed in a consultative manner so that overall activities are well coordinated among stakeholders to maintain project focus on intended targets while ensuring compliance with the Fisheries Act, collaborate with the Department of Fisheries to facilitate the provision of technical services to project component beneficiaries, technical services such as pond and cage culture husbandry, establishment and management of fish hatcheries, specification of fish species and fish feeds, technical trainig of beneficiaries, provision of extension services. etc.
  • Ensure that the Aquaculture Business Extension Officers receive adequate orientation and training so as to be able to effectively deliver credit and business development services at district level.
  • In collaboration and liaison with the CEEC Directorate of Credit Control and Risk Management, the CEEC Directorate for Business Development, the Department of Fisheries and in collarboation with other relevant stakeholders and oversee the operations of the Aquaculture Business Extension
    Officers so to ensue effective supervision and collection of business loans as well as effective delivery of business development services to the beneficiaries.
  • Coordinate domestic and internal short term technical assistance associated with the project
    component and consult relevant partners on an advisory basis and obtain all required clearances obtained when preparing scopes of work and contracting individual organizations.
  • Ensure that monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual progress reports (or for any period as necessary) are prepared by the Project Team in a timely manner.
  • Undertake highly effective, regular and detailed communication with the CEEC Directotate of Business Development, the CEEC of Credit Control and Risk Management, the Department of Fisheries and relevant stakeholders.
  • Analyze and report on all problems experienced in project implementation so that remedial actions can be promptly taken.


The duration of the assignment shall commence from September 2018 and shall be renewed annually, based on performance, up to the closing date of the Project (31 Dec. 2022).


The Aquaculture Business Development Specialist will be located within the Project Management Team of the CEEC, Lusaka, Zambia, will travels to the provinces of the project where project activities will be carried out.


The language of the assignment shall be English Language though working language of the dominant languages in the preferred of operation would be desirable.


All applications in writing should be accompanied by up-to-date Curriculum Vitae and supporting documents (Note: do not send originals) with the nomes and addresses of three referees, one of which should be the last or current employer.

Applications should be submitted by 24th August, 2018 to the address below:

The Director General
Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission
Plot number 6457 Los Angeles Boulevard
P.O. Box 35068