Maintenance Supervisor | TopFloor Zambia | Lusaka | Full-Time


Guest Area

  • To co-ordinate with housekeeping department, front office, Food and Beverage department to carry out various guest area-jobs such as preventive-maintenance, breakdown-maintenance, up gradation and renovation.
  • To maintain AC-treated fresh-air and bathroom exhaust – various plumbing fixtures in bathroom and the plumbing shaft details—electrical layout of guest rooms and electrical controls-television and TV/music cabling within the rooms and in the shaft-various types of flooring, tiling, painting and polishing in the guest rooms-lacquering and gold-plating of various hardware—floor-spring and door-closer mechanisms-telephone, fax and computer points in guest rooms-acoustics of guest rooms.
  • To co-ordinate with other service departments such as personnel, security, maintenance, accounts to carry out jobs such as preventive and breakdown-maintenance, upgrading, renovation in respect of A/c, painting, polishing, carpentry, music and electrical services.

AC and Electrical

  • To carry out TPM, preventive and breakdown maintenance, upgrading and renovation of DG room and other areas in this section as under:
  • To fan-coil-units, air-handling-units’ arrangement, various temperatures involved in ac-velocity, cfm and temperatures in degrees / Fahrenheit for checking the status of FCU and AHU-fresh-air fans, exhaust fans and guest room exhaust fans-Kitchen and exhaust fans-details of various AHU’s, exhaust fans, TFA, GRX – AC.
  • To chill water circuit, chilled water pumps, dun-ham bush, cooling tower-various parameters on the AC machine – cooling tower performance
  • To manage electrical sub-station details- HT and LT panels, transformers – single line diagram of electricity distribution — Panels and  distribution boards –approval by electrical inspectorate -DG sets and DG set cooling tower.
  • To manage the elevator – various safeties preventive maintenance & break down maintenance planning with OTIS.
  • To manage telephone exchange maintenance and operations – 48 V DC source for telephone exchange, giving extra connections as and when required and connections of fax machines.
  • To manage computer section – UPS – equipment in banquet halls
  • To manage music and TV system – Car calling system – PA system for banquets – RF paging system, fire alarm system.

Kitchen, Boiler, Water Supply & Drainage

  • To carry out TPM, preventive and breakdown maintenance, upgrades and renovation in this section.
  • To perform water analysis, storage and maintenance of water tanks – cold water distribution – hot water distribution – chilled drinking water distribution—flush and drain maintenance – pressure sand filter, softener—submersible pumps– water and fire line pipe lines maintenance —waste water treatment plant, solar water heater maintenance.
  • To manage swimming pool-water circulation system & water clarity maintenance.
  • To manage fire hydrant system – sprinkler system and their layout – various fire-extinguishers – fire exits –fire kits– firefighting – fire doors – fire pumps- fire engine etc.
  • To manage steam and hot water generating boilers – boiler mountings – safeties- operation –  annual maintenance – various tests on feed water and blow-down water – electrical circuits and safety—steam and hot water distribution and temperature maintaining.
  • To manage kitchen equipment—various electrical, LPG and refrigeration equipment – kitchen-wise—operation and maintenance – walk-in cold store and deep freezer—LPG bank–safety in handling LPG, cooling towers for cold store.
  • To facilitate chemical dosing—water analysis.
  • To conduct chilled drinking water-analysis.
  • To ensure garden treated water supply.

Control Room

  • To operate various engineering equipment so that the basic engineering services viz., lift, supply of electricity, water, AC, LPG, steam, TV signals are maintained without any interruption.
  • To attend to minor breakdowns (which will not take, say more than 30 minutes to rectify) and major breakdowns in various services explained above.
  • To control the consumption of various energies in the company.
  • To attend to major breakdowns when the general shift staffs are not on duty.
  • To attend to various other duties assigned by the Chief Engineer, Asst Engineer or Shift Engineer.
  • To take up all initiatives and programs as decided by the management & complete the same within the time frame provided.
  • To attend to various other duties assigned by the Chief Engineer, Asst Engineer or shift engineer.
  • To monitor T.B.E.M processes.
  • To implement and monitor ISO 14001 – environmental management system, EMPs and O&Ts, OCPs and training of staff.
  • To enabling and adhere to the principles and work practices detailed under HACCP System in the department viz., Food Safety, Hygiene and Cleanliness, Health, Storage etc. as applicable to the area of your work place.
  • To coordinate and co-operate with all the departments for their smooth and trouble-free operations of their engineering systems and equipment.
  • In addition to the above functions, any other assignment / job given by the Management occasionally or on a daily basis to be performed respectively.

Desired Qualifications and Experience:

  • Diploma in Engineering; Degree is an added advantage.
  • Trade Certificate preferably in Boiler-making.
  • 3 Years’ experience in a similar capacity at supervisory level.
  • Experience in boiler maintenance and general engineering maintenance.
  • Ability to supervise staff and manage a shift.
  • Must be a member of Engineering Institute of Zambia.

How to apply:

Applicants should send their resumes to with ‘Maintenance Supervisor’ as email subject before 12th September 2018. Please ensure that you mention as the source of this job advertisement.

To apply for this job email your details to